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How Are We Alive….

"Nobody?" I was stunned. "How could it be Nobody?!" 

It was obvious to me that Somebody took these things because they were in fact gone, and perhaps had broken my one and only remnant of another, more promising life. For reasons beyond my control, the children blamed Anybody and Everybody, an outrageous accusation, however, I could imagine such an act of agrestic behavior by unscrupulous persons such as those referred to by my children. 

Patti Smith Rocked My Childhood

"Just keep your girls away from my children. I don’t know what you think you’re doing but the wives are thinking of voting you off the block."
"Look Mrs. Kapinsky, You should chill out. And maybe not so much Lawrence Welk."

And off we went with our ski muffs and pockets full of candy. We were never sure where we were going but glad to get out of Detroit.

BUT there was something about Patti Smith that would stay with me forever. And over the years as I’ve heard dozens of great females rockers, almost always I can connect them back to Patti.

Godzilla Did Not Help Me

On hotel karma, writing, drowning, myths, lies, parenting and uncontrollable sh*t.


At school, I overheard them telling friends how we always get these big fancy suites because of dad’s medical condition, which he doesn’t really have. Then they giggle.
“My mom tells the them dad has a poop problem.”
The girls exchange looks.
“We don’t know.”
“He doesn’t though. She’s just weird.”
I’m always the weird parent in any scenario anywhere. Not odd, eccentric, interesting, just flat out weird.  Their dad always comes out the victor in any story. If he accidentally burnt the house down, say during one of his manly BBQ’s that requires enough propane to blow up a small nation, they would somehow find a way to blame me, even if I was out of the country. They would also give him props and they’d make an event out of it.

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