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My next purchase, work with a view

Well mine would be looking over the ocean, wind in hair whispering all that inspiration 

On Why Thelma and Louise was the Last Great movie for Women

Me: I like this one.
Q:  Fine. I like Ridley.
Producer: Great. I can’t unload it. This sure aint gonna win any Oscars.

Q bought the film right there.  The deal was closed in 40 seconds and we were ushered into a dark screening room.

The film begins. I knew instantly this was a not a “funny road trip comedy.” I was riveted from the opening scene of wide expanse before barging into a small town diner. As the movie progresses, I watched Louise, forthright, intelligent and full of helpful advice, stuck in some claustrophobic cafeteria, and then the vulnerable Thelma trapped in an abusive, oppressive marriage, acting out some 50’s housewife version of a woman. They are about to embark on freedom, but in a world that does not allow that for women.

I knew I was about to witness a revolutionary film.

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